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  1. Lower unit disassembled  

  2. Housing is cleaned

  3. Housing inspected for cracks or damage

  4. Housing sanded , primed and painted

  5. Disassembled parts are inspected

  6. Broken gears and bearings replaced with new parts

  7. All other parts tested and measured to manufacturer's specifications

  8. If necessary parts will be “magnafluxed” for hairline cracks

  9. Drive shaft and prop shaft measured to manufacturer's specifications and straightened if necessary

  10. All new seals and gaskets installed

  11. Lower unit reassembled

  12. Lower unit pressure tested



ALL “QUALITY OUTDRIVES” refurbished lower units have a core charge in the amount of $300 billed

at the time of sale. When the core is returned, a “QUALITY OUTDRIVES” Associate will determine the amount to be credited back to the customer’s account. The core returned must be a like-for-like Make, Model and Type, but not a junkyard core (We do not accapt any aftermarket cores). Core must be a OEM unit. Cores must be returned drained of all fluids and oil, assembled and returned in the same box/ container your new unit was shipped in. Core must be returned within 30 days of the delivery date to receive credit. Full credit will be given unless certain damages & exceptions (listed below) are found.




Like-for-like cores returned without visible holes, cracks or corrosion in the case, not missing any parts, drained & shipped in the supplied box/ container will receive full credit, otherwise, these charges will apply: 


Crack/Welded, Hole in case (50%) 


Missing prop shaft (40%) 


Missing drive shaft (50%) 


Missing or damaged skeg ($30%) 


Unit Not Drained (10%)


Custom Built Units: These are built using the customer-supplied core and, therefore, have no core charge if shipped. Parts that are nonessential to the running of custom units will be boxed and returned with the finished product for a minimum charge of $50. 


“QUALITY OUTDRIVES” is not responsible for lost or broken parts left on these units. “QUALITY OUTDRIVES” does not return water pump housings or impellers. 


Core credits not used within 1 year against future purchase will be considered void.

If your repaired or refurbished lower unit has not been picked 30 days after repairs are finished, your lower will

be forfeit and sold in order to recover parts & repair costs. 


October 15, 2015


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All prices subject to change without prior notice.

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